Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our Php 575,187.11 PLDT Bill

Since we are on a long distance relationship, communication and any means available is highly valuable for the both of us - a way to compensate for the time we cannot be together due to our circumstances.

When PLDT announced their 101010 promo, a value-added service for PLDT subscribers to be able to call on a cellphone for an unlimited time using the PLDT phone for just Php 10, it was indeed an answered prayer.

We are guilty of abusing this service to our heart's content but we pay accordingly. However, when I had to relocate along with my phone line, things got messy with PLDT at my expense.

And this brought havoc to a rather peaceful and seemingly nice morning:

Imagine the shock and horror to receive an eight-page bill amounting to Php 575,187.11!

I was able to talk to a supervisor of PLDT and assured me that this amount is but a system error.

PLDT made some miscalculations and their system was not able to determine that I subscribed to their promo.

Turned out I only owe them Php 6,652.22 for three (3) months unsettled bill which are attributable to them and to their "very efficient" system, by the way.

Actually, with that amount, I could have bought all the techy gadgets I have on my wishlist and still have Php 300,000 or more left.

My partner was not able to speak for two hours and I thought she'd have a heart attack until the conversation with the supervisor.

On a serious note, who wouldn't be scared? That's half a million already!

Until now, the bill remains disputed and PLDT has not given me a definitive and final amount.

However, for all the inconveniences we experience with PLDT, my loyalty belongs to them for they had given me so much to smile about except for their inefficiency, of course.

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